Thank you all for your kind comments on the previous post! Now it’s time for a new set:

JANNE is a modern and elegant study set that contains a concrete top desk, a desk chair (2 colors), a tall bookshelf, a modular wall shelf (2 colors), a ceiling light, a palm leaf vase (2 colors), a shutter, a wall art and a rug (2 colors).

janne_set_full Punisa_TS4_JANNE_Bookshelf Punisa_TS4_JANNE_CeilingLight Punisa_TS4_JANNE_Desk Punisa_TS4_JANNE_DeskChair Punisa_TS4_JANNE_Plant Punisa_TS4_JANNE_Rug Punisa_TS4_JANNE_Shutter Punisa_TS4_JANNE_WallArt Punisa_TS4_JANNE_WallShelf Punisa_TS4_set2_small

Download (MediaFire)

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KOLLAA Living room

Here we go: the very first The Sims 4 CC set created by me! This Scandinavian design inspired set includes a 70’s style armchair, two types of end tables/cabinets, a wall clock, a floor lamp, a rug, a two-piece wall art, a mirror and some clutter.

Have fun with it, recolor it and include it in your downloadable lots. Remember to credit me, please!

If you find bugs or face any problems with my files please let me know.



Punisa_TS4_KOLLAA_FloorLamp Punisa_TS4_KOLLAA_Armchair Punisa_TS4_KOLLAA_Clock Punisa_TS4_KOLLAA_Clutter Punisa_TS4_KOLLAA_DecorHouse Punisa_TS4_KOLLAA_EndTable kollaa_set2Punisa_TS4_KOLLAA_Archives Punisa_TS4_KOLLAA_EndTable2 Punisa_TS4_KOLLAA_Mirror Punisa_TS4_KOLLAA_Paintings Punisa_TS4_KOLLAA_Rug

Download (mediafire)

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